Last of the Mohicans!

Mohican Trail 100


Alex Morton

June 25, 2003


Being last was actually being first: my first Mohican Trail 100. I wasn't actively trying to get the LOTM award, however I was quite pleased with this idea and there was no way I was going to pass someone in the last quarter mile and give this up. Since my friend Robert Crosby had gotten the LOTM last year, it only made sense to keep this a SC tradition. My time was 29h 44m 16s which got me a ceramic Eagle  (to aspire to higher goals?) and my own copy of The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper.


This trail run had 11, 200 feet of climb and 9 stream crossings. These streams (one river up to my thighs) helped wash the mud from my shoes and remind me that running with wet shoes can be fun! This run had varied terrain: small hills, medium hills, and big hills. There was plenty of aid and the aid crew went beyond anything I have experienced in making my stop as easy as possible, bringing me anything I asked. Overall, this was one of the most organized runs I have attended.


The darkness helped make the uphills easier (since I couldn't see them), but slowed me down when I came to muddy spots. I was very impressed with the crew who had marked the trails with lime. Now this took a lot of work! My new Black Diamond Moonlight Headlamp went beyond my expectations and I would recommend it without reservations. The weather was perfect, starting off in the low 50's at 5:00 AM, going to the low 70's before dropping back to the low 50's again with a finish in the mid 70's with clear skies.


Podiatry students from Cleveland Foot and Ankle Clinic helped repair my feet at the end of the run. They had me walking without too much grimacing as I made my way to the gourmet breakfast that awaited even the LOTM. I have been inspired now, so watch for my new hair do!