I pulled one of those (in)famous Jim Snyder  moves this  weekend. I drove down to Lake Waccamaw, ran the Gator Trail, had a
few post-race  beers with a fine looking woman, drove back to W-S, caught a plane for Tucson,  and now I'm in sunny Sierra
Vista (Fort Huachuca). After leading an impressive  "saloon crawl" thru Tombstone on Sunday with my Project Team, we started
testing  our solution for the next generation upgrade to (The Army's  global Internet domain). In other words, it was just
another average  weekend.

Gator Trail Comments
Grant had 22 runners sign up for this year's Gator Trail.  Brad Smythe and I were the only 2 RFH who turned up for
the start. I was looking  forward to seeing Joe West again, but he was a no-show. I figured he must be  back on
witness protection or something. Brad finished somewhere between 2nd and  5th, and I ran 6th.

I met a new running pal, Margaret Bloomer, and did  some intense recruiting for the RFH. She was running her
first 50K after having  run the 20 Mi @ Uwharrie. We teamed up from the start and had a great trip into,  through,
and around that swamp. Be advised that she has all the qualities for  RFH membership. (i.e. She is a tall, good
looking, confident runner, who is  drilled off-center, has a good sense of humor, likes beer after the race, and  has
the finest looking set of legs God ever put on a woman.)
Crowder's Mountain Comments
The RFH has functioned well over the years with a minimum  of organizational controls and rules beyond basic
Southern courtesy, common  sense and sportsmanship. After Crowder's Mountain, I am beginning to question  
this RFH tenant, but where do you begin? I did a quick check thru my Monty  Python video library and found the
perfect solution in the "Bruce's' Sketch".  Now, here is a rules set we can use:

Rule 1 - No Poofters ... This is  always a good rule.
Rule 2 - No Fast Guys ... Don't invite them back unless  they join and pay their dues (i.e. the guy from WA)
Rule 3 - There is No Rule  3 ... This keeps things simple.
Rule 4 - No Poofters ... This rule is worth  repeating to get rid of any 5K and 10K pukes who may show up.
Rule 5 - No  Twins ... Unless they were in a Playboy centerfold

Rule 5 brings me to  the subject of this little rant. I must admit I was more that a little  distracted running with Lynn
Difiore. She is a fine looking Civil Engineer and I  am an (un-Civil) Electrical Engineer. We teamed up from the
start and trimmed  over 1.5 hours off her time from last year. Talking to Lynn and watching Eliza  run was a lot of
fun, but it really got confusing as we started to meet runners  going out and back who looked like the guy we just
passed going the other way.  It was not until I saw your race report on the web site that I realized my  confusion
went beyond my fantasies and trail daze. We were invaded by 2 danm  sets of identical twins. Fast ones and slow
ones. This really messes with your  mind and should be addressed in a good rule set.
Aside from that  rant, while my Project Team is here in AZ, Rick Brittain and I are heading up to  Flagstaff this weekend to run the
Grand Canyon. It's a down and up deal. Down  the Kiabab Trail and up the Bright Angel Trail. It should be a good adventure  and
a good set of stories for later  on.