Since we usually don't have the luxury  of a full company the 3rd Sgt. would be placed one file to the
right of the Corporal at the Platoon break where the 4th Sgt is placed above.    In parade the 2nd Sgt
of the last company of the Batt'n  will be the left guide.   During battle, the 2nd Sgt should never be in
the ranks.   He should be in the line of file closures.  If a Company formation, other than a battle line,
the 2nd Sgt. should be the left guide of the Company.   He should never have a file partner.

Corporals - The first Corporal should always be on the right of the Company just left of the Captain.   
The second and third Corporal  (depending upon how many Corporals are in your company) should
be placed at the platoon  breaks.   The 1st Sgt. should  designate the platoon break but if he forgets,  
then the corporals should place themselves accordingly.  

When a Company marches to Parade or to battle, the Company should be large enough to  justify it's
officers.   Meaning that the Company should  have at least 12 men in the ranks with the 2nd Sgt in the
line of File Closures when marching and not in the ranks.    If the company has enough men to justify
two platoons then a third Sgt should be in the ranks of file closure.   We will discuss this later.
Co = Corporal                              SMALL COMPANY     Co  P  P  P  2C  C  P  P  P  1C  C
1C = First Corporal                        BATTLE LINE           P    P  P  P   P   P  P  P   P   P 1S
2C = 2nd Corporal
C = Captain                                                                      2S                 3S
S = Sergeant
L = Leut.
P = Private