Sept. 13, 1862
You are authorized to furnish at the Schuylkill Arsenal, 30,000 Painted Infantry Tent Blankets, 46 by
71 inches with 18 grummets (sic), and tape for tying as a shawl, at $1.39 each.  Grummets to be
placed 2 inches from the edge to the centre of grummet, on one side and one end, and one incdh on the
opposite side and end, not exceeding 14" apart, and equidistant.  Quality of cloth used and coating like
sealed sample . . .
Respectfully, G.H. Crosman, Dept. QM Genl.
The example of this Painted Blanket is on page
215 of Echo's of Glory.   You can clearly see
the helms and the edged grommets for tying as
a shawl.  
Confederate Painted Oil
Blanket w/six hand sewn
Claude Sinclair
4573 Old Church Road
Lancaster, SC  29720

Pay Pal Account is:
Sgt Bayley Confederate Haversack.  All top
stitching is by hand and the strap is machine
sewed just like the original.  Material is 8 oz
cotton drill including the liner which is not
removable just like the original.  Strap is canvas
duck.  $4
5 and that includes the shipping.
Federal Painted Oil Blanket
Federal and Confederate Oil Blankets
are $
70.00 each and this includes
shipping.  Cost to make each one is $4
so my profit margin is very low
considering the time put in each one.