To: Laurel Valley Hiker/Runner
Release (Please Read Carefully) and
During the past 9 years I have been getting an average of 70 applications for this run.   This year the veteran rule will be enforced
and if you are a new runner  you can become a veteran by running sweep.   All the past sweeps have not been disappointed  
and have returned to run as a "racer" the next year.    Last year 50made the trip and some were not prepared or they thought that
it would be just another normal outing.  All 50 finished and some swore never to return but most said that they would be back.   
Some were seen laying down or sleeping on rocks.  Some were seen swimming and cutting flips off one of the many bridges.    
Before you even attempt to try this run/hike you need to be 100 % positive that you are physically and mentally prepared to start
and finish.  Dropping out will mean that you will sleep on the trail and  hiking out the next day.  Also you will be billed if you need
to be rescued.  There are no automobiles that can come to your rescue.  You are on your own.   This 35 miles will be more
difficult than most of the 50 mile runs around so if you have any doubts then wait and run next year.   Don't try this  just because
you think you  are ready to move up to the next level.  If you are not an experience trail runner then you really need to stay at home.
     Other runners have met me during other races and voiced their anger at me for talking them out of running this run.   My
intentions are not to talk anyone from running but to inform you that this is a very serious undertaking and there will not be
anyone to pick you up if you decide to quit.  There will not be anyone offering you a cool drink and fruit and medical supplies
along the trail..     If you get several hours out and feel bad, then turn around and go back to the start.

I release the race organizers, the Road Runners Club of America,  the Runner From Hell Ultra Group, and the US Government
 from any responsibility, liability, for my decision to run this run.   I also know that death could occur naturally and accidental
from my participation in this run.   I also agree to pay the U.S. and State Authorities for search and rescue.
Don't put yourself in danger by trying to tough it out.  There's other ways to prove your man/womanhood.    I have hiked this
course two times and have run it twice.   This year while most of you are out there running I will be sulking because I will not be
out there with you.  But common sense tells me that I am not ready (again) this year.    When I first hiked this course in three
days I knew that it would someday be the most scenic run/walk in the Southeast.   And to myself and many who have completed
LV, it is.   You will not be disappointed but be certain that you are ready.   As for you and your heirs, there is no one to sue as you
assume total responsibility for trying this.   

TRANSPORTATION:  This is a very low keyed event and I can not transport runners from the finish to the start.  You must
pre-arrange this for yourself.   If you do not have a ride then you must get with someone else who does not have a ride and work
it out with yourselves.   Let me know if you don't have a ride from the finish to the start and I will put you on an e-mail list and you
can arrange a ride with someone else.  This has worked great during previous races and you can continue to make it work by
working out a ride with someone else
Please sign  and return to me with your application as
soon as possib
Emergency Contact and phone ________________________________________
Claude Sinclair
4573 Old Church Road
Lancaster, SC 29720
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