Federal Shelter Half Type IIIa
A type IIIa shelter half that survived the times was issued mid to  late war and was completely machined
sewned with the exceptions of the button holes and grommets.   Each half is about 66.5" long and 63"
wide.  This size  is what the Federal Quartermaster demanded.   Each complete tent sells for $150 and
comes with manila rope for the grommets and guide rope.   Buttons with bone  buttons.   . I used 1"
button reenforcements per the originals  An 8 oz high quality close weave cotton duck or drill was
used.    Ends for shelter tents were not made until 1892.  Soldiers used blankets, poncho's or whatever
was available to cover the ends.   Include $10 for shipping.
Claude Sinclair
4573 Old Church Road
Lancaster, SC  29720    clsinclair@comporium.net
The Federal Painted Oil Cloth is made
from the September 13, 1862 Federal
Quartermaster Order. A copy of that
order is included with each order.
Richmond Depot Haversack made
from the one at the Museum of hte